About Lesley Nase

Lesley Nase is a respected Shamanic Healer, Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium. She consults worldwide with clients in all three spiritual healing modalities. Lesley teaches a variety of workshops, from Animal Communication to A Taste of Shamanism.

Lesley records guided meditations using MP3 format upon request for those interested in visualizing their own personal healing and that of their companion animal using meditation. Personalized ceremonies written by Lesley are also available on request.Performing a ceremonies can be for lives celebrations or to honor the end of life for yourself, a animals and the land you live on. Please feel free to ask for more information

She has served on the boards of two non-profits: Second Chance Animal Center and Spirit Hollow "Transforming Consciousness One Extraordinary Being at Time" Lesley taught Animal Communication, Healing the Timelines and Journey to Your Inner Guides with Meditation within both organizations. Her love of Shamanism and the continual study of began at Spirit Hollow.

Lesley's mission statement:

"To spiraling through the moonlight, helping others spin their own tales by facilitating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and growth for people and animals."

"We all come into this life with special talents and abilities. Life teaches us we need to reconnect to who we are. I believe energy has the power to facilitate healing, by clearing away what no longer serves you. Coming from a position of strength and balance deepens the connection to your own vital life force."

We are all Earth Keepers, connecting to Mother Earth wherever or feet take us.

Vermont is Lesley's home with her husband, 3 cats and 2 dogs. When she is not working, she can be found outside hiking the hillsides and mountains, biking, weeding the garden, sitting by a fire reading or writing her next book.